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Nightlife in Oporto (or Porto) is very colorful because of an array of bars, clubs and cafes located at Rua Galeria de Paris and Rua Candido dos Reis. These two parallel streets are center of attractions, offering the floodlit city views bathed in the moonlight. With your family and friends, enjoy night dinner on the terrace restaurants in Foz. Taste appetizing northern cuisine and excellent Douro wines at the beach-side restaurants. Dance on different tunes in the city discos, clubs and taste gourmets such as salted lupin seeds, a plat of smoked ham and a grilled smoked sausage. Enjoy at the Cais de Gaia located on the other side of the Douro river.


Café Guaray ( Visit Site )

Opened in 1930s, Guaray coffee shop is situated in the historic Avenida dos Aliados. The cafe is well-known for quality of service and artistic spirit. In 1933, it was famous as the musicians'coffee shop entertaining its guests with diverse events such as business lunches and dinners as well as musical, celebratory and literary dinners. Other activities include poetry recital nights, cocktail parties, coffee breaks, book launches and training sessions with coffee breaks.

Address: Avenida dos Allados 89, 4000-066, Oporto, Portugal
Tel.: +351 223 321 272



Being one of the most popular nightspots in Oporto, Trintaeum is sometimes described as a 'social disco club'.This club offers an electric range of music choices, live acts and DJs. It is the first choice for anyone who wants to stay in a long and vibrant atmosphere. Because of quality services and a number of DJs from all over the world, it is believed to be one of the best clubs in Oporto.

Address: Rua Passeio Alegre 564, Oporto, Portugal
Tel.: +351 918 682 417


TWIN'S Foz ( Visit Site )

Get indulged in the dynamic atmosphere of Twins situated in the Foz district. It is a unique place with bar, restaurant and disco where you can listen 80s sounds blend with house and contemporary electronic music. Because of mesmerizing ambience, it’s a one stop destination for everyone. With great services and staff members, it is a must visit spot in Oporto.

Address: Rua Passeio Alegre 1000 4150-574 Foz do Douro - Oporto Portugal
Tel.: +351 935 717 070


Gare ( Visit Site )

Gare Club features an all-void system that delivers high impact sound to improve listening experience. Owned by DJs Freshkitos, the club’s main room incorporates a 35-metre tunnel, 10-metre high ceiling, but it is only 6-metre wide. As well this room includes Void’s signature design with the system, the triple-horn Air motion speakers, and the Stasys 8 dual 18" horn loaded enclosures.

Address: Rua da Madeira 182 4000-330 Oporto Portugal
Tel.: +351 222 026 030

Industria ( Visit Site )

Enjoy vibrant atmosphere, and dance all night with cluster crowd. Located in the middle of streets alongside many cafes and bars, Industrai is a trendy club for young and wealthy ones. It offers everything from drum’n’bass to reggae, house and electro together with popular International DJs.

Address: Av. do Brasil 835/843. Frac ção AF 4150-154 Oporto Portugal
Tel.: +351 220 962 935


Breyner 85 ( Visit Site )

Leading bar in Oporto, Breyner 85 built in the old townhouse a place dedicated to music. Though it has a classic design, yet this bar is a blend of modern décor and drinks. With a contemporary atmosphere, it is for all who are interested in full entertainment

Address: Rua Breiner 85 4050-126 Oporto Portugal
Tel.: +351 936 440 865


Pitch ( Visit Site )

Pitch is located in the heart of the city. It is one of the trendiest clubs in Oporto, and features themed nights boasting a variety of musical styles. Right here, you can dance whole night on the two floors with stylish design and great sound effects.

Address: Rua Passos Manuel 34 4000 Oporto Portugal
Tel.: +351 222 012 349



Popular for fun events linked to music, fashion and the arts, Act is a perfect destination for everyone. This club offers resident DJs, who play pop, house and hip-hops. At this place, you can get a drink between 5 and 10 Euros.

Address: Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo 15 4440-452 Oporto Portugal
Tel.: +351 226 169 509

Baixa Bar ( Visit Page )

Baixa Bar is ideal destination for drinking, dancing and chatting. On weekends, this bar is open till 4:00am. To attract more visitors, it also makes arrangement for an outside sitting. In its cool and fun-loving atmosphere, it feels great to hear pop and rock hits.

Address: Rua Candido dos Reis nº 52, Oporto, Portugal
Tel.: +351 222 015 855

O Cais ( Visit Page )

Located in the heart of city’s historic center, O Cais is decorated in English style. It is a perfect destination for a drink, and late night chat before immersing in the lively entertainment centers in the city.

Address: Rua Fonte Taurina nº 2A, Oporto, Portugal
Tel.: +351 911 118 361